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Where to turn for professional advice on acquisition of BTC, blockchain applications, implementation and understanding the disruptive state of cryptocurrency.

We develop smart contracts for commerce and global trade in this fast emerging new world economy. Contact us for consulting and solutions on all things Bitcoin.

vending lammas

bitcoin vending

Unfortunately our Lamassu Bitcoin Machines have now been exported back to the USA and we do not dispense precious coin any longer;  Contact us below to enquire how you can purchase BTC direct from our team.

bitcoin mining

Project Braavos

The explicit and precise action of “noncing a hash” via ASIC chipsets see our scaleability and expertise in cryptocurrency mining using efficient energy modelling, really pay dividends for our international host partners. We are expanding our facilities and providing robust enterprise solutions. Talk to us about mining contract options today. Our grandpa was once a coal miner!

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pyramid valley

Good wine is hard to find. Track down this biodynamically grown Pinot Noir that you can purchase with Bitcoin. A case or a bottle, sent anywhere in the world. We helped Pyramid Valley Vineyards increase online sales by 9% earlier this year.

alt coins

alt coin

There  are now almost a thousand varieties of “alternative coins” – clones, tweaks and new thinking applied to the blockchain model of trust transfer. We track Brave New Coin for daily changes and crypto equity investments. Be sure to subscribe to their reports.

the information

New curriculum and learning; what, why, who, how, where.

The dispensing of vital new data comes from our trusted source at Coindesk.

bitcoin south

ZQN 11/2014

The first great NZ conference dedicated to BTC. We presented at this ground breaking event on the nuances and technicalities of Bitcoin plus our recent innovations in the ecosystem.

Bitcoin South



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